Chapter Share Table Submissions

Chapter Advisors (and chapter student members) may submit a request to have a Chapter Share table at the Chapter Share event (tentatively scheduled for Thursday March 30 at 5:00 p.m.). Chapter Share tables will be located by the Chapter Displays left up throughout the convention. Chapters need not request a Chapter Display Table until February

Requests for Chapter Share may be submitted by a Chapter Advisor or chapter student member. Student members are limited to no more than three convention submissions.

The Chapter Share Event will take place on Thursday in Session D, (the mini session) and will be located near Chapter Displays. Chapters are encouraged to share one of more programming ideas with others who stop by to ask questions about your successful events. All ideas are accepted: service projects; fundraising ideas; entertaining programming, academic programming; field trips; recruitment schemes; regional events or events with other chapters or other honor societies; induction program ideas; crafts, etc. Students staffing the Chapter Share table should be prepared to explain or describe the shared idea, perhaps with a handout or a virtual handout or with props. Your chapter should commit to having at least one student at the Chapter Share Table for the entire 60 minutes, but students could rotate this responsibility so that they also have time to visit other Chapter Share Tables. Students staffing the Chapter Share Table will be listed in the program. Students cannot participate in both Research in the Round and Chapter Share.

Submission Requirements

Please include all the following information in your submission:

  • Name, email, phone number, school, and status (Chapter Advisor or chapter student member) of submitter
  • If already known, list names and email addresses of other chapter members attending convention who will also be a part of the construction of the chapter display or a part of the Chapter Share Table (please note that Chapter Share will take place in Session D, the Mini Session with Research in the Round, but will not be scheduled to conflict with any paper breakout sessions, so students submitting to Research in the Round will not be considered for Chapter Share). Each chapter may have no more than four students “personing” the Chapter Share Table.
  • Please provide a short and long abstract.

    • Short abstract: a description of your Chapter Share not to exceed 50 words that will be included in the program app.
    • Long abstract: a longer description – up to 250 words – with any additional details about your Chapter Share. Chapter Share tables require 1 – 4 participants. If available now, list the names and email addresses of
      the participants. If not, you will be asked to submit and confirm
      participant information after table share acceptances have been

Please also answer these questions:

  1. Are you interested in both a Chapter Display and a Chapter Share Table? If not, which one are you planning?
  2. Is your Advisor planning to attend the 2023 Denver Convention? Not having an Advisor present will not affect your acceptance to this event.

Submission Link and Dates

Submissions will be accepted September 6 – October 10, 2022, through Sigma Tau Delta’s AwardSpring link.

Please submit using a desktop computer or laptop. Be sure to set up your account with an email address you will retain through April 2023.

AwardSpring Application Link

Notifications will be emailed to the submitter on November 15, 2022.


Questions regarding the online submission process should be addressed to the 2023 convention staff at [email protected]n