Roundtable Evaluation Criteria

Does the roundtable have a clear focus, and does it take a fresh and original approach to the topic? Will its focus spark audience participation and discussion? Does it focus on either the Common Reader or the convention theme? Are the proposal materials polished in their presentation?

Audience Participation
To what extent does the roundtable proposal lend itself to audience participation? Does the proposal clearly explain how audience participation will be encouraged? Will the roundtable contributions provide a sufficient basis to generate audience discussion?

Is the roundtable well organized? Does the proposal clearly identify how the various participants will contribute to the roundtable format?

Does the submission appear to have a solid grounding in scholarship or other conversations around the topic and contain a bibliography of sources? Do the sources seem credible and relevant to the abstract content?

Participants More than One Chapter
Does the roundtable consist of members from more than one chapter?



Email 2021 Convention staff at [email protected] with questions.

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