Every spring, Sigma Tau Delta holds its annual convention, a unique event that allows hundreds of members and sponsors from around the United States and beyond to gather in one locale, share experiences and expertise, be recognized for their achievements, and participate in the official proceedings of the Society. The convention also provides opportunities to discover new ideas in English and English-related disciplines, while engaging with speakers, presenters, and texts that members might not otherwise encounter.

Recent conventions have been held in Denver, Atlanta, Louisville, Minneapolis, Albuquerque, and Savannah. Convention location decisions take into account many factors—including costs to students and demographics—and make every effort to provide exciting and engaging offerings both at each convention and in our host cities.

Past Conventions

2024 Convention Staff

Please send all inquiries and questions to [email protected].

Glen Brewster, Ami Comeford, and Carie King
Convention Chairs

Elfi Gabriel
Submissions, Program Scheduling, and Advertising

Jeannine Szostak
Hotel Site Coordination

Namon Kent
Registration and IT Support

Katie Mudd
Blogs, Social Media, and Roommate Coordination