Concurrent Sessions

A-01Jane Austen and the Social Order3/31/229:15 a.m.
A-02Children’s/YA Literature: Kids Need Diverse Books3/31/229:15 a.m.
A-03Challenges to Traditional Identity in American Literature3/31/229:15 a.m.
A-04Further Meditations on Identity in American Literature3/31/229:15 a.m.
A-05Women, Fantasy, and Transformation in American Literature3/31/229:15 a.m.
A-06Confrontations with the Modern World in Twentieth-Century British Literature3/31/229:15 a.m.
A-07Original Prose: Worth Telling3/31/229:15 a.m.
A-08Original Poetry: Out with Poetry3/31/229:15 a.m.
A-09Original Prose: Stories that Build3/31/229:15 a.m.
A-10Creative Nonfiction: Meaningful Reflections3/31/229:15 a.m.
A-11Roundtable: Amplifying Black Voices During #BlackLivesMatter3/31/229:15 a.m.
B-01Gender Norms and Patriarchy in Early British Literature3/31/2211:00 a.m.
B-02Romantic Narratives and Twelfth Night3/31/2211:00 a.m.
B-03Action and Liberation3/31/2211:00 a.m.
B-04Confronting Hard Truths through Satire and Horror3/31/2211:00 a.m.
B-05Representation and Identification through Literature3/31/2211:00 a.m.
B-06World Literature 05: The Problems of Finding Home in Modern World and British Literature3/31/2211:00 a.m.
B-07Original Prose: What Lingers3/31/2211:00 a.m.
B-08Original Poetry: Poetry of a Moment3/31/2211:00 a.m.
B-09Original Prose: Setting Fiction Apart3/31/2211:00 a.m.
B-10Creative Nonfiction: The Human Experience3/31/2211:00 a.m.
B-11Roundtable: Before & After: A Pandemic Revolutionizes Learning3/31/2211:00 a.m.
B-12Roundtable: Revisiting Rhetoric3/31/2211:00 a.m.
C-01Creation Stories: Milton and Shelley3/31/222:00 p.m.
C-02Creative Responses to Dear Martin3/31/222:00 p.m.
C-03Linguistic Approaches to Fiction and Disability3/31/222:00 p.m.
C-04Gender Identity and Personal Space in Pop Culture3/31/222:00 p.m.
C-05Representations of Ethnicity in Popular Culture3/31/222:00 p.m.
C-06Not the Same Old Story: New Readings of Epic Texts3/31/222:00 p.m.
C-07Original Prose: Things that Go Bump3/31/222:00 p.m.
C-08Poetry: A Dark Lyrical Edge3/31/222:00 p.m.
C-09Original Prose: Prose with Teeth3/31/222:00 p.m.
C-10Creative Nonfiction: The Theme of Action3/31/222:00 p.m.
C-11Roundtable: #DisruptTexts, New Titles and Canon Expansion3/31/222:00 p.m.
C-12Roundtable: [Student] Teaching in the Time of COVID-193/31/222:00 p.m.
D-01Light and Dark in Shakespeare4/01/228:00 a.m.
D-02The Ethics of Language Contact4/01/228:00 a.m.
D-03Class’ Is in This Session4/01/228:00 a.m.
D-04The Heroic and the Prosaic in Popular Culture4/01/228:00 a.m.
D-05Confronting Colonialism and Inherited Trauma in Contemporary World Literature4/01/228:00 a.m.
D-06Original Prose: Shifting Shape4/01/228:00 a.m.
D-07Original Poetry: Addressing the Subject4/01/228:00 a.m.
D-08Original Poetry: Where We Begin4/01/228:00 a.m.
D-09Creative Nonfiction: LGBTQ+ Voices4/01/228:00 a.m.
D-10Illuminating the Life and Poetry of Emily Dickinson4/01/228:00 a.m.
D-11Roundtable: Finding a Place in Academia: Comics4/01/228:00 a.m.
D-12Roundtable: (Increasingly) Virtual Reality of Writing Centers4/01/228:00 a.m.
E-01Shakespearean History and Tragedy4/01/229:30 a.m.
E-02Composition and Critical Pedagogy4/01/229:30 a.m.
E-03Different Takes on American Classics4/01/229:30 a.m.
E-04Musings on American Drama4/01/229:30 a.m.
E-05New Approaches to Victorian Classics4/01/229:30 a.m.
E-06Original Prose: A Confession to Make4/01/229:30 a.m.
E-07Original Prose: Our Stories Are All Relative4/01/229:30 a.m.
E-08Original Poetry: Alone or Together4/01/229:30 a.m.
E-09Creative Nonfiction: The Power of Words4/01/229:30 a.m.
E-10Exploring 19th-Century American Identities4/01/229:30 a.m.
E-11A Conversation with Richard Blanco4/01/229:30 a.m.
E-12Roundtable: Technical Writing—Cohesion, Coherence, Concision4/01/229:30 a.m.
F-01Eighteenth-Century Lit and Social Issues4/01/222:00 p.m.
F-02Politics in British Literature4/01/228:00 a.m.
F-03Constructions of Feminine Identity in Film and Gaming4/01/222:00 p.m.
F-04Methods of Narrative in Multicultural Literature4/01/222:00 p.m.
F-05Considering Female Experiences and Female Voices over the Ages4/01/222:00 p.m.
F-06Creative Nonfiction: Inventing True Stories4/01/222:00 p.m.
F-07Original Prose: Fiction and Speculations4/01/222:00 p.m.
F-08Original Prose: Science Meets Fiction4/01/222:00 p.m.
F-09Original Poetry: Going on Inside4/01/222:00 p.m.
F-10Diagnosing the Patient: Psychology and 19th-Century American Literature4/01/222:00 p.m.
F-11Roundtable: Available Means: Using Rhetoric to Move Readers4/01/222:00 p.m.
F-12Roundtable: Women in the Superverse4/01/222:00 p.m.
G-01Transformations and Contrasts in Early Modern British Lit04/02/228:00 a.m.
G-02Critical Approaches to Dear Martin04/02/228:00 a.m.
G-03Constructions of Feminine Identity in Film and Gaming04/02/228:00 a.m.
G-04Grief and Identity04/02/228:00 a.m.
G-05Meditations on Science-Fiction and Fantasy04/02/228:00 a.m.
G-06Gendered Performances, Gendered Problems in European Literature04/02/228:00 a.m.
G-07Original Prose: LGBTQ+04/02/228:00 a.m.
G-08Original Poetry: Earthen Wear and Tear04/02/228:00 a.m.
G-09A Call to Action: Powerful Literary Devices in 19th-Century American Literature04/02/228:00 a.m.
G-10Creative Nonfiction: Poignant Memoirs04/02/228:00 a.m.
G-11Roundtable: True Crime Obsession: Capturing the Criminal Mind04/02/228:00 a.m.
G-12Roundtable: Teaching English Language Arts: ACTION Indeed!04/02/228:00 a.m.
H-01Midsummer Night’s Dream04/02/229:30 a.m.
H-02Pedagogy and Action04/02/229:30 a.m.
H-03Gender Identity and the Complicated Response to History04/02/229:30 a.m.
H-04Meditations on Identity in Modern American Literature04/02/229:30 a.m.
H-05Finding a Place, Finding Expression: Explorations of Genre and Form in Modernism and Beyond04/02/229:30 a.m.
H-06Original Prose: Diverse Young Adult Lit04/02/229:30 a.m.
H-07Original Poetry: As the Spirit Moves Us04/02/229:30 a.m.
H-08Creative Nonfiction: Transformation and Change04/02/229:30 a.m.
H-09A Conversation with Nic Stone04/02/229:30 a.m.
H-10Roundtable: Action Toward Equity & Justice: The Work of ƩΤΔ04/02/229:30 a.m.
I-01Medieval English Lit04/02/2211:00 a.m.
I-02Children’s/YA Literature: Windows and Doors into our Libraries04/02/2211:00 a.m
I-03Exploitation and Manipulation in Modern Media04/02/2211:00 a.m
I-04Fitzgerald, H.D., and Hemingway: American Bohemians04/02/2211:00 a.m
I-05Identity Construction in Multicultural Literature04/02/2211:00 a.m
I-06Original Prose: A Fiction of Love04/02/2211:00 a.m
I-07Original Poetry: Seeing What’s There04/02/2211:00 a.m
I-08Creative Nonfiction: Childhood (and) Friends04/02/2211:00 a.m
I-09Roundtable: Dear Martin & Literary Forms: Action in Many Modes04/02/2211:00 a.m
I-10Roundtable: SKD Advisors: A Little More Action04/02/2211:00 a.m


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