Transfer Students as Provisional Members

Prior to this year, transfer students eligible for Sigma Tau Delta membership after their first fall semester missed the opportunity to submit a paper for convention presentation or participate on a roundtable.

Paper Submissions

The Sigma Tau Delta Convention Committee has resolved this issue by creating the “Transfer Students as Provisional Member” status. Chapter Advisors may now approve transfer students to participate on a roundtable before enrolling the transfer student as an active member who meets residency and GPA requirements at their “new” school:

    1. The Chapter Advisor will complete and submit the form shown below by November 9, 2020.
    2. Their place in the program will be secured only if they are enrolled as an active member in Write Away on, or before, Friday, January 15, 2021.

Roundtable Participation

Chapter Advisors may also recommend a transfer student as a roundtable participant by completing the form shown below. If the roundtable is accepted, but the student is not enrolled as an active member by January 15, 2021, the student must forfeit their place on the roundtable.


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